1916 - 2017 from Ireland

dentist, was born at Newtownards, Co Down on 23 July 1916, son of James Mahood and Jane, née Russell. He was educated at the local Model School at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, and at Regent House School, before going on to Queen's University Belfast to read medicine, later transferring to dentistry. He served during World War II in the RNVR as a surgeon lieutenant (D). He was several years in private practice and in public health dentistry, before applying for a post in the Falkland Islands. He arrived in Stanley in March 1967, where he was greatly influenced by the consideration of Dr SLESSOR, the SMO, and by dental technician Neville Bennett's ready help, which he found typical of the Islands' people. After two and a half happy years in the Islands, Mahood worked in a variety of other overseas posts - Anguilla, South Africa, Namibia, the Transkei and Canada. He served one season with the RRS Bransfield in the Antarctic. In 1979 he returned to the Islands to act as replacement for the then current dentist Robert Watson during his long leave. Mahood married Ethel Cairns in 1943 and they had one son, John (b1947). She died in 1960 and he married Margaret Harris in 1981. They retired to the Isle of Man in 1997.

Bill Mahood died on 19 June 2017


Bill Mahood



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