1798 - 1825 from England

merchant, was born in Yorkshire around 1798 and emigrated with his family to Argentina, by way of Montevideo, in the early 1820s. In Buenos Aires he fell in with Louis VERNET and Jorge PACHECO and offered 10,000 pesos for a share in their grant of the Falklands. Schofield aquired two ships, the brigantine Fenwick and a hired-schooner the Raphael, incurring large and unnecessary expense, according to Vernet. The expedition which set off in January 1824 under the command of Pablo AREGUATI was a hungry failure and Schofield purchased another brig, Antelope, to bring himself and Vernet's brother Emilio to Port Louis. But Schofield was succumbing to drink. In August after one month in the Islands, he sailed back to Buenos Aires on the Antelope. In Vernet's words: 'Even in his sober moments, his departure from the Island appeared to him as a dream of which he had but a faint recollection'.

He died in Buenos Aires and was buried in the Socorros cemetery on 23 September 1825.


David Tatham